Saturday, July 24, 2010

PEPS Whistle Stops and Depots Show at the Schulman Gallery at Luzerne County Community College

Here are some photos from PEPS current show at LCCC. The show runs through August 25th on Weds. through Saturday evenings from 5-8pm. There will be artists on hand to discuss the project and also some demonstrations of various painting techniques. This is a great show and should not be missed! That is especially true for railroad buffs!

The pictures displayed in order show:

Sue Hand and her watercolor of Jamison Station in Sullivan County

Participating artists Joanne Benson, Phyllis Rennie and Maryann Williams

Sue Hand's students Nicole Delevan, Chad Dymond, Ryan Frania and Chelsea Martin (all but Nicole have artwork in the show)

Ribbon Cutting by LCCC President Thomas Leary. Holding the ends are Woody Woodworth and Maryann Williams

Steamtown Ramblers Pete Rozdilski, Bill Clark and Duncan Perry performed at the opening

Alex Zdzinski and his painting of Forks Station in Columbia County

Diane Czajkowski and her watercolor painting of Ashley Boarding Station in Luzerne County

Joanne Benson and her sharpie sketch of Uniondale Station, ink and watercolor of West Hawley Station, pastel of the Nicholson Bridge, and watercolor of Glenburn Station

Maryann Williams and her watercolor painting of the Bedford Street Station in Clarks Summit

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PEPS "Whistle Stops and Depots" Show at Elm Park

The photo above shows PEPS members who participated in the "Whistle Stops and Depots" show at Elm Park this past week. It was a one night show for the enjoyment of railroad buffs from all over the country. In the picture from left to right are: Phyllis Rennie, Joanne Benson, Laura Adams, Maryann Williams, Ryan Frania, Sue Hand, Sarah Miller and Alex Zdzinski. You can see some of the artwork in the background. All sorts of railroad structures were depicted including stations, tunnels and bridges past and present.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Benton Road Railroad Tunnel South Side - Pastel by Joanne Benson

I just did this painting for the "Whistle Stops and Depots" project.

Set up was tricky because the angle I wanted to paint from involved being precariously close to the drainage ditch along the roadside. I made the executive decision to park my car along the road and stand behind it to paint. It is a small local road with not too much traffic and I figured that way people would see the car and move over. Besides it is easy to set my pastels out in the back of my SUV with the back door up to be used for shade or rain shelter if need be. What started out to be a beautiful afternoon digressed into part sun and part shade and a brief barely there sprinkle. Luckily for me it was mostly pretty pleasant. A neighbor stopped with her dog and watched me work for a while and I explained part of my process.

After several hours I was satisfied with my result and began to pack up. As fate would have it, one of the legs on my french easel telescoped in unexpectedly and the easel overturned into the drainage ditch which, of course, was full of mucky water. On the upside to this minor catastrophy, the easel drawer was closed up and locked down and the painting was safely nestled on the back seat of my car. I proceeded to resurrect my soggy easel and clean it off. Another neighbor driving by stopped to chat and admire the artwork. All in all, I consider it a successful painting and a lovely afternoon. I may do some minor touch ups, like adding the date at the top of the tunnel, but I'm pretty pleased with it just as it is! I hope you like it too!

I'm hoping it will be part of the PEPS show at the Schulman Gallery at Luzerne County Community College in Naticoke PA. The show opens on July 23 from 6-8pm and will be on display until August 25. There will be many wonderful railroad images there.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Garrison Road Plein Air-Rodrica Tilley

Yesterday was my first plein air day of the year. Anyone else?

As I navigated the rutted, frost heaved gravel (MUD) roads of my rural county I finally found the picture I wanted to paint; this long view of rolling hills, farm and wood land, but...Oh, no, I had no long paper in the car. Luckily I did have two 9 x 12 sheets of UArt #500 so I taped them together (adjacent) and ran my painting across both sheets. I think I will frame it just like that. Why not? 9 x 24. I have a few finishing touches and it's done.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3 Plein Air Festivals in Thousand Islands


Registration fee $25. Judged Competition. $300 first place, $200 second Judging and silent auction 3 to 5PM Saturday June 26th at the Thousand Islands Land Trust, John Street at the River front (also for registration and blank work surfaces stamping). Paint one to three days. Submit two paintings for judging, more for auction. 75% of sales price to artist, 25% to sponsoring organization. Other special activities to attract visitors.

JULY 30, 31: 1000 ISLANDS ART CENTER, 314 John St., CLAYTON NY
Registration fee $25. Judged Competition. $300 first place, $200 second. Judging and silent auction at the 1000 ISLANDS ART CENTER 3 to 5PM, Saturday July 31 (also for registration and blank work surfaces stamping). Submit two paintings for judging, more for auction. 75% of sales price to artist, 25% to 1000 ISLANDS ART CENTER. This is ANTIQUE BOAT SHOW WEEKEND so there will be lots of visitors. Paint one or both days.

AUGUST 13, 14: NORTH COUNTRY ARTS COUNCIL,WATERTOWN NY Working toward $300 to $500 of awards. Judged and peoples choice. NCAC SUMMER ARTS FEST on the 14th in traffic closed downtown Public Square with fine arts vendors, bands, juggler,
quartets, street painters. Paint any where in the City on the 13th, within a designated areas near the Square on Saturday. Black River white water rapids canyon near the square downtown has five city park access points for painting views with kayaks and rafters. Thompson Park for city overlooks, shady picnic groves, zoo. Historic homes (more millionaires in the 1920s than any where in the US) and buildings as well. Aged brick factory building reflecting past glamour-no need to travel to Europe for rustic painting subjects.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Day at the World Wide Paint OUt

This is the 7th year of the World Wide Paint Out - a weekend during which painters 'round the world set up their easels out of doors to complete thousands of plein air paintings, under the umbrella of International Plein Air Painters .

This is the 2nd year the event was held locally at Salt Springs State Park. Despite the postponement of one day on account of rain and a decidedly gray & misty start to this one, ten painters appeared out of their cozy down comforters and Saturday morning chores & errands.

The real early birds started the day cooking pancakes over an open fire...they were hardly gourmet, but with real Pennsylvania maple syrup, charred butter & authentic smoke, they never tasted better. A carafe of decaf and some crisp local ginger gold apples completed our fuel. We were ready to paint and paint we did! I thought I was doing fine to complete a 12 x 12 pastel by lunchtime. Most of the watercolorists had done two paintings by that time ( I did hear a few dream requests for hairdryers to dry their soggy but beautifully saturated was a very humid day.)

There were no scary wildlife sightings by the time I left the park around 2:30, but there were about a dozen watercolors, two oils, one acrylic, two wash & sharpie drawings and my one pastel. That's almost 20 new paintings!Trees & water featured big (Silver Creek & Fall Brook run right through the Park) , lovely Park architecture, some early turning autumn trees, pastures full of fall wildflowers, resident llamas, and more trees....(this is Pennsylvania, you know and the park is home to some huge first growth hemlocks, as well as sycamore, black cherry, maple, ash & more).

From top down (I hope) Joanne Benson, Jan Henning, Chris Lathrop & Barbara Kapalski show their UNFINISHED paintings and, in the center, the early birds, (Pam Summa, Joanne Benson, Rip Howard, Chris Lathrop & Rodrica Tilley) stuffed with pancakes, ready to seize the day.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

7th Annual World Wide Paint Out

International Plein Air Painters have sponsored this event for 7 years and this is the second year PEPS members have participated at Salt Springs State Park in Susquehanna County. Last year (scroll down to September 2008) it was a great day that started with a pancake breakfast cook out at 8am and ended with many tired painters taking home some good work and good memories.

We're going to try to repeat that again on September 11. Everyone is welcome, members & guests alike. It's free. If you can contribute something to the breakfast or have questions contact event organizer & signature member, Rodrica Tilley at or 570-278-2479. Rain dates are September 12 & 13 and if you cannot join the fun on Friday, know that painters aroudn the globe will be painting out each of the three days; September 11, 12 & 13, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Members' Show - HURRY!

I finally found the Schulman Gallery at Luzerne County Community College, 1333 South Prospect Road in Nanticoke, PA. And I found it to be a very nice space with a beautifully hung show of members' paintings. I adored Woody's pastel of the Piggies, and I had a few other favorites, too. Love those river paintings, pond reflections, huge palette knife oils and mountains. There's only one more week to see this collection all in one well-lit spot.

FYI the gallery is on the second floor of the Campus Center under the bookstore, which is hidden behind the Nursing bldg. Park in the first lot, cross street and walk towards Campus Security, then walk a little to the right. It's in the round bldg. So sorry I had to miss the opening. I love the gallery talks.

My pastel ofVan Fleet Climbers was the ony image I had handy.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Photo from the Spring PEPS Show in Glenburn

Hello all, I am posting a photo of the artists taken at the opening of the PEPS Spring Art Show and Sale. Besides all the great looking artists you can catch a glimpse of some of the wonderful artwork on the wall behind! Seated are Peggy Davidson, Sue Hand, Ryan Frania, Charles "Woody" Woodworth, and Jane Butkosky. Standing are Laura Adams, Rodrica Tilley, Maryann Williams, Ann Searfoss, Joanne Benson and Phyllis Rennie.

Factoryville Farm on Route 6 & 11

A few weeks ago Maryann, Phyllis and I went out to paint at this lovely location and after about an hour were rained out. Phyllis and I returned the next week to a lovely sunny day....same time of day but light conditions significantly changed....we adapted... LOL This is soft pastel and I'm pleased with the colors. I like the way the light was hitting the structures. As usual we had a lovely time painting.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Spring Art Exhibit

Come to see the plein air work of members in the Glenburn Township Building, Sunday April 5, 2:30 -4:30. Stories from the artists at 3pm. Refreshments all afternoon. Fun!

On exhibit will be paintings by over 20 artists in all media from past & present PEPS themes:
Susquehanna River, Haybales Galore, Plein Air Food and Whistle Stops & Depots.

Show continues through June 25, 9am to noon, Monday-Thursday. Call 570-563-1177.

Apple Snack, a watercolor by Chris Lathrop is one of many.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Painting the Beautiful at the Sordoni Gallery

American Impressionist Paintings from the Michener Art Museum Collection is a definite MUST SEE! I'm going back. Walking into that gallery took my breath away. It was enlightening to see how these masters resolved the very same issues I am dealing with in my own landscape work. A humbling and inspiring experience, I'll be returning to see the 25 canvases again.

Many of the artists worked en plein air; Fern Coppedge and Edward Redfield tied their rather large canvases to a tree, even in bad weather.

No's open every day from 12 to 4:30 through March 15 and it's practically in our backyard! (on River Street at Wilkes University in Wilkes Barre, PA)

Day in June is an oil painting by Daniel Garber. 28 x 30. I think his incorporation of figures into the landscape is perfect...they really belong and contribute to the beauty of this canvas.

I found it impossible to choose a favorite, but it might be Day in June...or it might be Road to Lumberville by Fern I. Coppedge. I'd love to hear your choices.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Ending and a new beginning

In 2008 we had to have our dog, Cody, put to sleep due to old age and it's effects. He went plein airing with me many times over the last few years and enjoyed it immensely. Even when he was no longer able to go, he got super excited whenever he saw me bring my french easel downstairs. Found this photo to share with you from one of our outings. I miss him dearly but we have a new puppy now and I plan to take him out with me as often as possible. If you join me, you'll get to meet him in person but for now, a photo will have to do. Introducing Shadow (who followes me everywhere).

Friday, December 05, 2008

Two Recent Paintouts

I was out to paint twice recently. The first time I met Maryann at the South Abington Park nature trail; and, the second time I met Maryann and Joanne at the cemetery on Miller Rd. The first day was warm and beautiful--the second was COLD and beautiful! Hopefully they will also upload photos of their work to the blog as I didn't take my camera along with me.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Friday in Alford

Five of us who were unable to paint out in Alford on Election Day went on Friday to paint. The paintings above are mine--oil, two by Jan Henning--watercolor, one by Helmut Kunst--watercolor, and one from Maryann Williams--oil. Angelique Prevost wiped out her painting as she was not satisfied with it. We had a great time together even though the sun only came out for a couple of minutes while we were setting up and then dissapeared for the afternoon. Was wonderful to be out painting!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Day in Alford

Three of us painted at the Alford Train Station. It was gray and chillier than any of us realized until we had spent four hours standing on the tracks. Thankfully, Joanne brought M&M's.

We had to search for color and I think we found it. These are our three paintings as they left the location. I think we may all make minor changes after the fact...I sure didn't mean for those two trees to be quite so black.

Since, I do not seem to be able to control where the images end up on blogger, the pastel of the train station (top, I hope) is by Chris Lathrop...she rarely works in pastel. Joanne Benson was working in oils...not her usual pastels or watercolor...and she painted a slightly different view of the station & tracks (bottom, last time I looked). And my painting of the *Switch Tower (center?) is my usual combination of soft pastels this time on Blue Haze Art Spectrum Colourfix paper.

As always, we enjoyed each other's company and a day out painting. And we missed you.

*By the way, I found out that the Switch Tower, built in 1915, was used to switch the multiple tracks in use at the time. It was all done mechanically with steel rods and levers and muscle power. We thought the building would make a great studio with it's glass balcony & windows and tree top view.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Autumn Weekend

Maryann, Joanne, & I met at a nice location along Rt. 11 to paint on Sunday. I had limited time and a fairly large panel (12 x 16") so blocked in a painting and ran home to cook for our Bible study group. We meet nearly every Sunday evening for dinner and then our discussion time. When I looked at my painting the next day I felt that it was too dark and the background came forward too much so I decided to go back and rework it. Joanne met me there to paint some more too.

The end result is disastrous. My painting became too chalky and then I realized that I had several bubbles between the linen and the masonite. So not only is the painting poor quality but so are the materials. I do like the composition however so I am thinking that I may use it as a field study for a studio piece sometime this fall or winter when the weather is not conducive to plein air painting.

Afterward I did a small, quick painting (5 x 7") which saved the day! I am much happier with this one. Much more my usual type of colors. (The first picture above is my second painting.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We Got Chased!

First time that ever happened to me!

Maryann & I had stopped and started setting up to paint across the road from the State Hospital when the security guard came and asked us why we were there. He told us that we could not paint there because it was hospital property and they had patients and there might be "confidentiality issues". We couldn't imagine what confidentiality issues two artists painting mountains and trees might create but we quickly said "ok" and left.

We found another spot further along and since it was private property, asked if we could set up and paint. The woman not only gave us permission but also suggested another beautiful spot for us to go another time. No issues--confidentiality or otherwise!

I'm uploading the image from the first spot too--guess the security guard didn't know that I had taken pictures or he'd have probably confiscated my camera!

The first photo is across from the state hospital. Two & three are from our painting location. The fourth is Maryann's painting and the final is mine. It was a beautiful day and we had fun!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Splitting Wood

We needed to spend time cutting and splitting wood since winter is coming, but I am unable to help with that task as I am still recovering from surgery. But I went along and while my husband, daughter, and son-in-law were cutting, splitting, and loading wood, I sat in a chair and did two watercolors.

I'm not too skilled in watercolor (think maybe I should take some lessons) but it was a beautiful day and I was delighted to be out. So I did one painting of the hay field across the street from our property and another of the large wetland on the neighboring land. We didn't see it this time but we have seen an eagle flying over this wetland in the past.

Friday, September 05, 2008

6th Annual IPAP World wide Paint Out

Eleven hungry painters gathered at Salt Springs State Park for pancakes cooked over an open fire. All fueled up we then got out our easels and painted watercolors, oils, acrylics and pastels.

What a perfect day to practice our art along with painters in Italy, Canada, Alaska, Brazil and many places in between.

Look for our paintings on exhibit in the future near you.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

World Wide Paint Out

PEPS joins 6th Annual World Wide Paint Out! (follow the live link in the title to see who else is painting out that day around the planet). I have signed us up to paint at Salt Springs State Park on September 5th, Friday, but you can paint anywhere, anyday. If you want to join us at the creekside campsite for a pancake cook-out show up early or get in touch with me...570-278-2479...pancakes fuel a day of painting! Someone needs to bring coffee.

This event is sponsored by International Plein Air Painters. There is a sample Press release here.
If you can get some publicity, great, but the main thing is to just join us.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting ready for shows

Quick report on the LCCC show--we had 20+ participating artists with over 75 paintings. The gallery was well filled and beautifully hung. Although the opening was not well attended, we did have a few guests along with the attending artists. I was nursing a back injury so wasn't in top form but still enjoyed myself.

Next we will be having the Whistle Stops & Depots show at the Moscow freight house and the Plein Air Food--A Tribute to the American Farmer at the Berwick Hospital Gallery.

The painting I am inserting here is my second "food" painting--Strawberries U Pick--done at Pallman Farms a few weeks ago during the strawberry season. It's oil, 11 x 14". The Pallmans were very gracious in allowing me to paint on their property and inviting me to come back at any time. I even rode the wagons up to the field and back down to the parking lot which was great since I have all of that heavy stuff and little strength these days.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Moscow Paintout Report

We met in Moscow at the train station to try to get a few paintings done for our upcoming show at the freight house. Five people were there: Ryan Frania, Mary Ann Williams, Laura Adams, Sue Hand, and myself. Here are pictures of them at work--I finally remembered my camera!

Ryan is our youngest member--entering 7th grade in the fall. Don't let his size fool you--he's a powerful artist. He recently had his first solo show with 28 oils, watercolors, and ink drawings. I saw the photos and the work was impressive. Due to the changeable weather he didn't have a finished painting when it was time to leave but he had two great starts--one done when the sun was shining and the other done under the building overhang during the rainy time.

Also added a photo of the freight house where we will be showing our work.