Friday, December 22, 2006

Season's Greetings

Since we are not having a white Christmas here in NE PA I'd like to wish you Happy Holidays with this appropriately colored painting from the summer garden. I hope you all are surrounded by loving family (and find new brushes in your stockings). Cheers!


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend

The weekend after Thanksgiving was so beautiful! I got out to paint twice. On Sat. I went back to the hayfield where Joanne and I had painted a few weeks ago but painted it from a different location. Now that the leaves are gone, I could see the haybales through the trees and I think I finally got a painting of these bales that satisfys me. The next day I did a small backyard painting--actually the view is in my neighbors yard but I was set up on my side of the line. OK--looks like I have the second one first. Why are computers such a challenge?!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hey, Hey, Haybales!!!

We are planning a theme show for the fall of 2007. The requirements are few and simple. One, you must be a PEPS member. Two, all work must be done en plein air with only minor finishing touches in the studio. And three, every piece in the show must include at least one haybale.

Dates and venue for the show are still to be determined.

Participating artists are:
Joanne Benson
"Woody" Woodsworth
Laura Adams
Sue Hand
Rodrica Tilley
Phyllis Rennie
As others notify me of their intention to participate, I will update the list.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Kirby Park Paintout

Met a few other PEPS members at Kirby Park in Wilkes Barre on Sunday afternoon. We had a potluck lunch--mostly a variety of desserts--at this pavilion and discussed a future PEPS project and then spread out to paint around the pond. In addition to me, those in attendance were Mary Ann Williams, Laura Adams, Sue Hand, "Woody" Woodsworth, and Jane Butkovsky. I, true to form, forgot to take my camera--maybe next time. It was windy and cold but everyone seemed to have a good time--I know I did.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hay Bales with Phyllis

Hi All,
Since I came out to visit the Blog I decided to post my hay bales from a few weeks ago. Phyllis and I had a great time as she said - a perfect day! I was pleased with the result and put them in the Glenburn Show. The colors are brighter in person but digital photography never does the real thing justice.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Artists' Open House Weekend

This coming weekend almost 30 artists will be opening their studios and showing work. Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 10-6.

On Monday I will be pastel painting in the garden. The demo begins at 2pm. And I will be exhibiting some recent plein air pieces along with my studio work. I only hope the day is as good as yesterday when I did this small pastel, October Garden.

Edit--just to add this to your post. Phyllis

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wednesday Morning on Main Ave

Took the morning off from work on Wed just because the sun was shining! I knew that I had to be at work for an appointment at 12:30 but the morning was mine. Wandered around a bit before deciding on this location on Main Ave to paint. The sun was right and there was a deserted parking lot up the street where I could set up and be near but off the street.

Has anyone else been out painting lately?

Friday, September 22, 2006

Last Weekend

Here's a bit of work that I did last weekend. Sat. I stood in my driveway and painted the road and trees--left out the cars zooming by. The other two I did on Sunday. Joanne met me in Waverly and we painted together for a couple of hours. Cars were zooming by there too but a couple of times people stopped and asked to take photos of us painting. One of them said he would submit the photo to the Pennsylvania Magazine and contact us if it was accepted for publication. Had we know that in advance, we'd probably have worn different clothes and fixed our hair!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sorry I've been absent

Just a quick post to say hello and thank those of you who contributed to our show at the Everhart. We have 19 paintings on exhibit there until the end of October. And then Joanne will be picking them up and transporting them to the Glenburn Twp. Building so you can pick them up there along with any that you have in that show. I will be away that week so call her and make your arrangments.

I haven't been out painting too much recently--seems that my free time and the good weather are out of sync this year. But I have a few places in mind that I want to paint so gotta get going. I want to paint in the city on Cedar Ave (down a bit from Coney Island), want to paint the Waverly General Store, would like to do another early morning painting of Scranton from the Providence Road exit, want to take another crack at some haybales that I messed up, and all those great fall colors are about to pop out. That's the short list! If you want to join me, give me a call.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Glenburn Art Show

Hi All,
This is just a reminder that the Glenburn Art Show is happening during the month of October. I've sent out press releases so I am committed at this point. I hope some of you will participate! I have sent out emails with copies of the entry forms. Hopefully, you have all received them. Here is the painting I am using for the press release and probably the post card. It isn't plein air but then the show is either studio or plein air. This is a 9 x 12 watercolor that I did at the Finger Lakes from the roses on my property. My daughter also did the same still life in acrylic and it looks totally different. I will post her painting later if she gives me permission. She is thinking about being a studio art major in college. I have mixed emotions about her choice as I know how difficult it is to make a living at it! Any input from the pros??
Thanks, Joanne

Monday, August 14, 2006

Invitation from The American Impressionists Society

On Saturday, October 28, 2006, the area members of the American Impressionist Society will be having a plein air paint out in Harrisburg, as well as other areas of the US. We are in the process of planning an exhibit of the works completed that day and possibly showing member’s works from this summer. All members of AIS are encouraged to bring along a guest who may be interested in participating or learning more about AIS.

The local members of AIS should have received postcards with the paint out notice by now but we are asking your organization if you would post a notice, on our behalf, with the information below. Anyone interested in participating should contact the appropriate AIS member for more information.


Kathy Busillo, Vice President, AIS

*Roderica---please forward this to the appropriate PEPS person. Thanks!

The following paint-outs are scheduled as below. Contact the individual named for more information.

Harrisburg, PA October 28, 2006. Please contact Kathy Busillo by email or phone at or 717-540-8763

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Trying to catch up........ I'll upload two images in this post. One is from the Lake Nuangola Art Walk that Joanne spoke of earlier. It's oil on panel 12 x 16". The other is from yesterday --an 8 x 10" that I did at the Abington Middle School. Cody went along with me and we had a great time. Today we went back to the park near the State Hospital. I didn't have any panels prepared to paint so thought I would do several sketches but Cody developed a limp soon after we got there and I had to bring him home. Gave him a baby aspirin and after some rest, he seems better. Tough to get old! Sorry the photo's a bit fuzzy--I should be rich so I could pay someone to do this stuff for me.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lake Nuangola Art Walk

Hi All,
Here is my painting from the Lake Nuangola Art Walk. Phyllis and I had a lovely day painting on Saturday and participated in the Show and Sale on Sunday. I wish the owner's of this boat had come to the show! We had the best painting weather! Sunny and not too hot - just wonderful!

Glenburn Art Show

Hi All,
Glenburn Township will be hosting an art show and sale of original paintings by local artists. The show will be held at the Glenburn Township Building located at 3110 Waterford Road, Dalton, PA and will run through the month of October. The opening reception will be on Sunday October 1st from 3-5pm and is open to the public.

Entry Criteria:
The theme of this year’s show is “Artistic Visions”. This theme allows artists to chose from many different types of works including but not limited to still life, landscape, portraiture, wild life, and abstract art. Works can be plein air or studio paintings. All painting mediums and photography will be accepted. The number of works allowed for each artist will be determined by the amount of available space. Each artist may submit up to 4 works. Framed artwork should not exceed the size of 40 x 40 inches due to space considerations. All entries must be appropriately framed and wired for hanging. Any artwork not appropriately framed will not be accepted. All artwork will be subject to review by the hanging committee and will be hung at the discretion of the hanging committee.

Artists from Lackawanna and surrounding counties are invited to participate. Drop off of artwork will be from 9 – 12 noon Monday through Thursday the week of September 25, 2006 or by special arrangement with Township secretary Joanne Benson. Pick up of artwork will be November 1st and 2nd from 9-12 noon or by special arrangement with Joanne.

Since there is no entry fee, each participating artist will be asked to donate a finger food for the opening reception or, in lieu of food, a $10 donation to be used towards paper goods, beverages and advertising expenses for the show and reception. Monetary donations will be accepted when you drop your painting off. Food will be accepted the day of the reception and can be dropped off at 2:30pm the day of the show.

Contact Information:
Please contact Joanne Benson at 563-1177 or 563-1951 for more information and an entry form.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Blue Sky with Clouds

Finally! A beautiful day! Temperature was nice, humidity was lower, breezy, and sunny. And a blue sky full of those big, puffy summer clouds--love days like that!!!

Thought I would paint at the Glenburn Pond which is soon to become a natural wetlands due to the condition of the dam. The draw down has been started but with the rain the pond is still full. Joanne and I walked down the trail and painted there once so I thought I would take Cody and go back to that spot. When we got there, there were lots of new "no tresspassing" signs. Had I been alone, I could have set up on the safe side of the guardrail and painted but since I had the dog with me, I had to be concerned for his comfort as well.

So..........we drove up to the park where we painted a couple of weeks ago and attempted to capture those clouds. Hope some of the rest of you got out too. This is oil, 8 x 10".

Monday, July 10, 2006

I took a couple of pictures at Rodrica's garden yesterday --naturally, the real thing is much more beautiful than my photos. The annual paintout week is over but she told me that anyone will be welcomed to paint there if you simply give her a days notice. Her phone # is in the latest edition of the newsletter and there are driving directions on her website if you need them.

Here's a couple of the photos and my painting for the day. Oil 14 x 11"

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Paint Out at Keystone on July 15

Hi All, Just wanted you to know that a few of us will be painting out on the green at Keystone College in LaPlume on Saturday July 15th. We will be painting in the vicinity of The Countryside Conservancy Auction. There will be a large tent for that purpose set up on the green. Please come and join us if you like. Hoping to arrive around 5pm or so and set up. Auction starts at 6. It might be interesting to paint that whole scene and the comings and goings. Hope you can join us! Joanne

Monday, July 03, 2006

Before the Storm

Managed to get out yesterday (July 2) afternoon before the storm and paint at one of our local parks. I was captivated by the shadows under these trees so turned my back to the little lake that is there--even though it is quite beautiful.

Had a rather funny experience. A man came over and started to talk--the usual, "I'm an artist too". After a few minutes he excused himself to go home and bring back a piece of his work. He sculpts in black walnut wood and brought back a piece representing the state of Oregon to show me. It was lovely--about 4 or 5 feet across. He said he wanted me to know that he "wasn't a". He has sculpted pieces representing each state and he takes them to schools, libraries, etc. and does a presentation for kids and a different one for immigrants applying for citizenship. Also working on a series of dinosaurs.

I had asked him his name before he went home and he told me it wasn't important that I know. After he came back, he asked me my name and I told him and again requested to know his. He again refused to tell me--said that "if you're at the library around Thanksgiving time, you'll know." And he left without ever telling me!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Summer Showers

Here is my small pastel painting from this afternoon. I think it qualifies as plein air since the studio window was wide open and I was looking out into the garden during a rain storm.

Pennsylvania En Plein Air Society

Can I blog?
Just trying to see how this works. I have a link up on my site to all roads that are closed which might be useful for out-of-the-way plein air painters. OPEN:Route 81, New Milford exit, Rt 11S and 706W are all OPEN so some on up to my garden for some plein air painting this week...anytime...weekends, too. I'll be here 10-6 every day through July 9th. I'd love to have some, let me tempt you a bit: pink climbing roses, bright blue and orchid delphiniums, yellow sundrops, red maltese cross and poppies, poppies, poppies. I'd love to see you.

My two goals for today: figure out this blog-thing and actually DO a plein air painting in the garden. Hopefully you will see with your own two eyes if I succeed or not. the high and dry part of Susquehanna County.

PS: no clue how to add a link to my site.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Quick Note

Just a quick note here to say that I hope you all made it through the storms and flooding safely. The weather has not been very good for painting out this season--maybe soon. If any of you have recently painted en plein air, please photograph and upload your paintings. Maybe that'll inspire me!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Some links added

Spent a few days playing around but finally figured out how to add links. I've added three for your enjoyment and edification.

Wet Canvas is a huge art website. Once you get into the site, you can find a very active plein air forum under the "Artwork from Life" heading.

Then I added two blogs--I think you'll enjoy them both. Frank Edwards lives in Canada and writes "A Brush with Life". His paintings are among my favorites--full of color and great brushwork. Linda Blondheim shares not only her paintings but also words of wisdom gained from a lifetime of supporting herself and daughters by painting. She lives in Florida and our own Doug Brown had the pleasure of painting with her a couple of years ago when he was on vacation.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Yippee--Jude's Here

Pennsylvania En Plein Air Society

Glad you've joined in, Jude! Now if you can only find time to paint. . . . . . .

Trying to figure out how to link to other plein air blogs, websites, articles, etc. so you can have something interesting to check out when there's not much happening in this blog. Rodrica, I know you have a website--feel free to add a link if you want to.

Monday, June 12, 2006

My painting at Vosberg Neck

I spent too much time talking and waiting for the sun and then, not wanting to come home empty handed, I quickly did a small painting. At this time of year, the "great wall of green" ruins a lot of my paintings--so frustrating.

Sunday Paintout at Vosberg Neck Festival

A few PEPS members were able to go to the Vosberg Neck Festival to paint this past weekend. I went on Sunday and caught up with Sue. I saw Woody as I was driving by but the traffic wouldn't allow me to stop and talk. Sue spoke to a small group of people about the history of plein air painting and shared some of her work.
She might not be happy with this photo but she is.

And this is the painting that she started before she had to quit and go do the lecture. Sorry it's crooked but I only took one shot of it--photographer, I'm not!

Friday, June 09, 2006

A word of caution

Considering the nature of the world, I want to remind everyone that our blog is open to anyone with access to the internet. Please exercise caution in posting plans to paint out, perhaps including only half of the information and email each other with the other half. Example: I want to paint at Nay Aug Park. Email me if you want to join me and we'll set a date and time. Or: I have time to paint on Sunday. Email or call me and we'll discuss a place to meet.

If we were planning a large group paintout, this might not be necessary; but if only one or two women are planning to go out, it might become a safety issue.

Glad you were able to sign up, Joanne. If anyone else is having the same problem responding to the invitation, let me know and I'll send you a new one.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Glenburn Township Art Show

I will be organizing the 2nd annual Glenburn Art Show again this year. All PEPS members are invited to participate. The works can be plein air or studio. I haven't come up with a theme yet but it will be very general. It will probably be for the month of October again. I will post more information as I firm up some of the details. Hope you can participate!

Governor's Awards Painting

Hi All,

This is a first for me. Here is my painting that was juried into the Governor's Awards Show.

Thanks to Phyllis for creating the blog.

Maryann and I will be painting with Sue at Kings College at the Paint out on Thursday 6-8-06. Hope more of you can join in!

The Everhart Museum show

Just reminding you all that we have a two month exhibition scheduled at the Everhart Museum this fall. It is to be titled PEPS paints Lackawanna County so if you get a chance to paint out within the next few weeks, come to Lackawanna Co. And if you call or email me, and if my work schedule permits, I'll try to meet you. The work for this show must be ready by the end of July--more information coming in the next newsletter but thought I'd give you a "heads up". Phyllis

Hooray, hooray!

Welcome aboard, Rodrica! Will certainly like seeing your work posted here and hopefully you'll share some descriptions of your plein air experiences. I have been to your website and it is always a joy to view.

And I got email from Joanne that she was trying to figure out how to join the blog so maybe we'll see her in here soon.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

This is my painting that was juried into the 2006 PA Governor Awards for Arts Show. It is oil on panel, 11 x 14" and was painted in Waverly in March, 2005.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

PEPS members

Trying to create a blog to help us communicate with each other and share our painting adventures. Perhaps this will work, perhaps not.