Thursday, March 18, 2010

Garrison Road Plein Air-Rodrica Tilley

Yesterday was my first plein air day of the year. Anyone else?

As I navigated the rutted, frost heaved gravel (MUD) roads of my rural county I finally found the picture I wanted to paint; this long view of rolling hills, farm and wood land, but...Oh, no, I had no long paper in the car. Luckily I did have two 9 x 12 sheets of UArt #500 so I taped them together (adjacent) and ran my painting across both sheets. I think I will frame it just like that. Why not? 9 x 24. I have a few finishing touches and it's done.


Phyllis said...

Lovely--plein air diptich--works for me! I haven't been in here in so long. Sorry--total washout.

Joanne said...

You are soooo clever....wouldn't have occurred to me to put 2 sheets together.....beautiful painting! I've been out a few times....hate lugging those pastels easy solution....had my French easel fall into a drainage ditch the other day....story on my blog...maybe I'll post the painting here too!