Thursday, October 23, 2008

Autumn Weekend

Maryann, Joanne, & I met at a nice location along Rt. 11 to paint on Sunday. I had limited time and a fairly large panel (12 x 16") so blocked in a painting and ran home to cook for our Bible study group. We meet nearly every Sunday evening for dinner and then our discussion time. When I looked at my painting the next day I felt that it was too dark and the background came forward too much so I decided to go back and rework it. Joanne met me there to paint some more too.

The end result is disastrous. My painting became too chalky and then I realized that I had several bubbles between the linen and the masonite. So not only is the painting poor quality but so are the materials. I do like the composition however so I am thinking that I may use it as a field study for a studio piece sometime this fall or winter when the weather is not conducive to plein air painting.

Afterward I did a small, quick painting (5 x 7") which saved the day! I am much happier with this one. Much more my usual type of colors. (The first picture above is my second painting.)


Phyllis Russell Franklin said...

Phyllis, thanks so much for stopping by my painting blog. As you can see I don't paint often. Somehow life has gotten in the way. I am planning to paint this week, however. Ruth Cox is coming to stay with me a few days so I know I'll get a push from her. :) I'm doing so much better health wise these days and loving being a grandmother to two precious little girls.

Glad to hear from you. You work is just wonderful. I'll come back and catch up with you later.

Lot's of love from another Phyllis

Phyllis said...

Thank you for stopping in and leaving a message for me. And give my regards to Ruth too. I know so well about life getting in the way and health problems as I have spent most of this last year dealing with breast cancer. But I am doing well now and have been able to paint outside a few times.

Enjoy those girls!

Thanks for the compliment about my painting. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Hope you get to paint more soon. With love and good wishes.

Rodrica Tilley said...

Nice work, Phyllis. Fresh and soft and usual.