Thursday, October 23, 2008

Autumn Weekend

Maryann, Joanne, & I met at a nice location along Rt. 11 to paint on Sunday. I had limited time and a fairly large panel (12 x 16") so blocked in a painting and ran home to cook for our Bible study group. We meet nearly every Sunday evening for dinner and then our discussion time. When I looked at my painting the next day I felt that it was too dark and the background came forward too much so I decided to go back and rework it. Joanne met me there to paint some more too.

The end result is disastrous. My painting became too chalky and then I realized that I had several bubbles between the linen and the masonite. So not only is the painting poor quality but so are the materials. I do like the composition however so I am thinking that I may use it as a field study for a studio piece sometime this fall or winter when the weather is not conducive to plein air painting.

Afterward I did a small, quick painting (5 x 7") which saved the day! I am much happier with this one. Much more my usual type of colors. (The first picture above is my second painting.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We Got Chased!

First time that ever happened to me!

Maryann & I had stopped and started setting up to paint across the road from the State Hospital when the security guard came and asked us why we were there. He told us that we could not paint there because it was hospital property and they had patients and there might be "confidentiality issues". We couldn't imagine what confidentiality issues two artists painting mountains and trees might create but we quickly said "ok" and left.

We found another spot further along and since it was private property, asked if we could set up and paint. The woman not only gave us permission but also suggested another beautiful spot for us to go another time. No issues--confidentiality or otherwise!

I'm uploading the image from the first spot too--guess the security guard didn't know that I had taken pictures or he'd have probably confiscated my camera!

The first photo is across from the state hospital. Two & three are from our painting location. The fourth is Maryann's painting and the final is mine. It was a beautiful day and we had fun!