Friday, December 26, 2008

Ending and a new beginning

In 2008 we had to have our dog, Cody, put to sleep due to old age and it's effects. He went plein airing with me many times over the last few years and enjoyed it immensely. Even when he was no longer able to go, he got super excited whenever he saw me bring my french easel downstairs. Found this photo to share with you from one of our outings. I miss him dearly but we have a new puppy now and I plan to take him out with me as often as possible. If you join me, you'll get to meet him in person but for now, a photo will have to do. Introducing Shadow (who followes me everywhere).

Friday, December 05, 2008

Two Recent Paintouts

I was out to paint twice recently. The first time I met Maryann at the South Abington Park nature trail; and, the second time I met Maryann and Joanne at the cemetery on Miller Rd. The first day was warm and beautiful--the second was COLD and beautiful! Hopefully they will also upload photos of their work to the blog as I didn't take my camera along with me.