Sunday, February 15, 2009

Painting the Beautiful at the Sordoni Gallery

American Impressionist Paintings from the Michener Art Museum Collection is a definite MUST SEE! I'm going back. Walking into that gallery took my breath away. It was enlightening to see how these masters resolved the very same issues I am dealing with in my own landscape work. A humbling and inspiring experience, I'll be returning to see the 25 canvases again.

Many of the artists worked en plein air; Fern Coppedge and Edward Redfield tied their rather large canvases to a tree, even in bad weather.

No's open every day from 12 to 4:30 through March 15 and it's practically in our backyard! (on River Street at Wilkes University in Wilkes Barre, PA)

Day in June is an oil painting by Daniel Garber. 28 x 30. I think his incorporation of figures into the landscape is perfect...they really belong and contribute to the beauty of this canvas.

I found it impossible to choose a favorite, but it might be Day in June...or it might be Road to Lumberville by Fern I. Coppedge. I'd love to hear your choices.


Phyllis said...

I saw the exhibit today with Joanne and it was wonderful. I picked out three favorites--all for different aspects. Fred Wagner's Canal at Lumberville was my favorite color scheme and I loved the composition. It has a great "push/pull" of warm and cool colors but I thought the brushwork was a bit mushy. Redfield's Lumberville in Winter had great brushwork and good contrast in sun vs. shadows. And the Road to Lumberville by Fern Coppedge was wonderfully composed and with all of those opposing diagonals could hold my attention for a great long time.

I have no idea where Lumberville is located but it certainly inspired some great painting!!!

Pat O'Driscoll said...

Lumberville is in Upper Bucks County. It is right up the road from where Redfield lived, which is a little north of New Hope,Pa.
There is a good book I got at the library called Penna.Impressonists, it tells all about the artists lives and their works. I live in Lower Bucks County,I paint and fish up in that area where they lived. Maybe I will make it to one of your shows this year,usually we spent time in Monroe and Pike county. If you have time check out my blog, Pats Paintings. Keep up the good work, Pat

Phyl said...

Hi Pat,

You're welcome to come paint out with us too--anytime you're in the area. Phyl