Saturday, November 08, 2008

Friday in Alford

Five of us who were unable to paint out in Alford on Election Day went on Friday to paint. The paintings above are mine--oil, two by Jan Henning--watercolor, one by Helmut Kunst--watercolor, and one from Maryann Williams--oil. Angelique Prevost wiped out her painting as she was not satisfied with it. We had a great time together even though the sun only came out for a couple of minutes while we were setting up and then dissapeared for the afternoon. Was wonderful to be out painting!


Rodrica Tilley said...

Spectacular! One little week, so many GOOD paintings!Every one of you really captured the dreariness of the day. Those paintings are practically dripping (and I mean that as a compliment!

Phyllis said...

Thanks for setting this up for us, Rodrica! It was an interesting site although somewhat sad to see those abandoned, once-beautiful buildings.

Marta Hoya said...