Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting ready for shows

Quick report on the LCCC show--we had 20+ participating artists with over 75 paintings. The gallery was well filled and beautifully hung. Although the opening was not well attended, we did have a few guests along with the attending artists. I was nursing a back injury so wasn't in top form but still enjoyed myself.

Next we will be having the Whistle Stops & Depots show at the Moscow freight house and the Plein Air Food--A Tribute to the American Farmer at the Berwick Hospital Gallery.

The painting I am inserting here is my second "food" painting--Strawberries U Pick--done at Pallman Farms a few weeks ago during the strawberry season. It's oil, 11 x 14". The Pallmans were very gracious in allowing me to paint on their property and inviting me to come back at any time. I even rode the wagons up to the field and back down to the parking lot which was great since I have all of that heavy stuff and little strength these days.