Saturday, November 08, 2008

Friday in Alford

Five of us who were unable to paint out in Alford on Election Day went on Friday to paint. The paintings above are mine--oil, two by Jan Henning--watercolor, one by Helmut Kunst--watercolor, and one from Maryann Williams--oil. Angelique Prevost wiped out her painting as she was not satisfied with it. We had a great time together even though the sun only came out for a couple of minutes while we were setting up and then dissapeared for the afternoon. Was wonderful to be out painting!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Day in Alford

Three of us painted at the Alford Train Station. It was gray and chillier than any of us realized until we had spent four hours standing on the tracks. Thankfully, Joanne brought M&M's.

We had to search for color and I think we found it. These are our three paintings as they left the location. I think we may all make minor changes after the fact...I sure didn't mean for those two trees to be quite so black.

Since, I do not seem to be able to control where the images end up on blogger, the pastel of the train station (top, I hope) is by Chris Lathrop...she rarely works in pastel. Joanne Benson was working in oils...not her usual pastels or watercolor...and she painted a slightly different view of the station & tracks (bottom, last time I looked). And my painting of the *Switch Tower (center?) is my usual combination of soft pastels this time on Blue Haze Art Spectrum Colourfix paper.

As always, we enjoyed each other's company and a day out painting. And we missed you.

*By the way, I found out that the Switch Tower, built in 1915, was used to switch the multiple tracks in use at the time. It was all done mechanically with steel rods and levers and muscle power. We thought the building would make a great studio with it's glass balcony & windows and tree top view.