Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Revisiting a Site

Over the years I've noticed that certain specific locations are fertile ground for my paintings. This particular place has given me more than a few good paintings. It is a comfortable place to paint on a bridge. It is rare to have low traffic while enjoying an elevated vantage point. Many years ago I realized the benefits to be gained from returning to "the scene". At that time I was persisting, stubbornly, in trying to paint a certain small waterfall with disastrous results time and again. On my self-declared final try I got a painting I liked. I think it was then that the light bulb went off! I need more than one painting session to learn enough about a location to make a decent painting. These days I have fewer failures and more successes the first time out, but it is still a pleasure to paint a familiar spot on an unfamiliar day and see what kind of "new" painting emerges. In fact, it is very rewarding and comfortable.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Experimenting with another medium

It's been almost a year since Santa brought me a new tool--metal point holder and two wires, one silver and one copper. I did a few in studio studies but finally took them outside with me. The first one that I did was shown in our Haybales Galore show in Berwick. It's silverpoint, 5 x 7" on illustration board. The other two were done on our vacation cruise. The Arrangment with White Mum is copperpoint and Beside the Pool is silverpoint. Both are 5 x 7" and not yet fully oxidized.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ford's Pond

Painted at Ford's Pond with Joanne one afternoon in October. Was a bit tired and short of time so rushed the painting a bit. Not sure that it shows what captured my attention-- but, might not have done better with more time either! It's 11 x 14" painted on a panel that had been used before for a totally unremarkable painting. Don't like scraping them down and reusing but my life has been busy and I didn't have any fresh panels made up.

Friday, November 16, 2007

OK--let's try this again!

Hopefully I can upload the two Factoryville Park paintings this time.
Ah ha! The top one is the second painting and larger that I spoke of in yesterdays post and the bottom one is the first (and it's a blurry photo).

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Painting in Factoryville Park

Painted twice this summer with Mary Ann at the little park behind the Factoryville school. It's a pretty spot. The first painting is 11 x 14". I'm happy with some parts of it but I think the values are too close together and it doesn't hold together really well. I feel better about the second painting even though it is much less 'finished'. It is 18 x 24".

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm Back!!

Haven't posted to the blog since my house was "electrocuted" and I have been trying for a couple of weeks to get back into the blog so I could begin to use it again. Problem is that I have a new computer and all of my necessary sign in info was stored in the old one.

I'm still really busy trying to get everything back together around the house, plan a new house, and keep up with my customers at work but I'll try to photo a few of the new paintings and upload them here within the next couple of weeks. See ya! Phyllis

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Artists' Open House Weekend

Thirty artists at over twenty locations open their studios this weekend, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, October 6, 7 & 8. It's free! It's fun! Most artists will be demonstrating their art or craft on Monday. I'll be doing a plein air pastel painting demo out in front of my studio at 2pm. Drop in...I'll be here for the next two days...bring your easels, if you want.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Thirty Days, Thirty Paintings

I spent the month of March living in the Sonoita/Elgin area of southern Arizona. This is high grasslands country; lots of cattle, no saguaros. My goal was to do a plein air painting every day. Such grueling work; one pastel painting every day, out in the warm winter sun, under a blue sky, take the dogs for a walk and then it was pretty much Margarita time.

The first few days I realized my Northeastern Pennsylvania palette was too dark and deep for the high key colors in front of me. A quick trip to the art supply store in Tucson and I was set to go with a full range of pastels much lighter in value than I would normally use here. I worked on various papers; Wallis, Art Spectrum and Sabertooth, tinted and white.

For now, I've framed 15 of them and they will be the "hot" part of my upcoming show here at my studio in Montrose; recent landscape paintings; hot and cold - June 29 through July 8.

Paint-out days are July 2 through 8, 10-6. Come and bring your art supplies. Paint out in the garden with me or your friends. Free. Fun. 570-278-2479

Friday, March 02, 2007

PEPS Spring Show

Our Spring Show is scheduled to open on Sunday, April 29th at the Glenburn Township Building. The public reception will be from 2-4 pm and the show will be open to viewers during regular township business hours until May 25th.

If the weather permits, we will also be painting outside during the afternoon. This will be the first "official" paintout of our Train Station Project so I am hoping that many of our members show up for the kickoff! Also that many send paintings for the show. Any work done en plein air since Jan. 2006 is eligible to be included in this show. Work must be framed and ready to hang and delivered either to Phyllis or Sue by April 21st.

Also we have postcards available for you to use to invite your collectors, friends, and family. Call me (Phyllis) to request yours and I will mail them to you.

Hope to see you there!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Last Day of 2006

Last Day Of 2006

Wow--some kind of weather we've had so far this winter! Met Joanne at one of the local supermarkets and set up in their parking lot to paint for a couple of hours. This view is looking toward Elk Mountain. I think the blue in my photo is brighter than the actual painting but I'm posting it anyway. The clouds moved in when we were about 3/4 done and today it's raining so I'm really glad we went when we did.