Thursday, April 17, 2008

Counting Sheep

Wednesday afternoon proved to be an irresistible day for painting out in Susquehanna County. Three of us decided to try to fill some spots in the themed exhibit of "FOOD". Lamb sounded good, but the sheep were reluctant to be put on our palette or even to come within reasonable sight of our table (and easels). Mary Ann Williams did manage to jump the fence and get a nice painting. We always said she is out standing in her field. She was really getting into the water soluble "oils".

Joanne Benson said she wasn't that happy with her pastel painting, but we know she was happy with being out painting on such a lovely day...because she was singing softly while she worked all afternoon. Plenty of oohing and ahhing over the sweet little lambs, too.

I gave up on the sheep early on...they were so uncooperative. I turned my back on them to paint a huge old tree and green house.

PEPS North will be having frequent paint-outs...if you want to be on the email notification list, let me know. Anyone can suggest a place and day to paint and email the rest of the Siberian contingent. Think "Train Stations" or "Food" (hint; picnic) . I can see one of my beloved streamside-pancakes-over-the-campfire-breakfasts in our future.