Saturday, June 03, 2006

PEPS members

Trying to create a blog to help us communicate with each other and share our painting adventures. Perhaps this will work, perhaps not.


Joanne said...

Hi Phyllis, I couldn't get here via the link you sent so I just signed on to the site and did a search. I'm muddling through this blog process. They force you to create a blog when you register. So I created a blog called PEPS which I will probably never use. At any rate I'm hoping this will post now. Your painting looks good. I'll post mine if I can figure out how.

Phyllis said...

It's fairly easy to use. And you could create a seperate blog for your studio work or family photos, etc. At this point you're not listed as a member of this blog so somehow you need to accept the invitation to join and then you'll be able to upload.

Framed! said...

Hi Ladies--good to see you have a blog going...wish gas were cheaper so I could come up your way--of course then with the State looking to make I80 a toll road, that will be even worse on the expenses. Geesh, it never ends.
Anyway, I have a blog at not that I post as often as I'd like.