Friday, September 22, 2006

Last Weekend

Here's a bit of work that I did last weekend. Sat. I stood in my driveway and painted the road and trees--left out the cars zooming by. The other two I did on Sunday. Joanne met me in Waverly and we painted together for a couple of hours. Cars were zooming by there too but a couple of times people stopped and asked to take photos of us painting. One of them said he would submit the photo to the Pennsylvania Magazine and contact us if it was accepted for publication. Had we know that in advance, we'd probably have worn different clothes and fixed our hair!!


Rodrica said...

Looks like it was a fruitful weekend of painting "in the air".

My favorite is the bottom free...nice use of color and thoughtful placement of darks.Finally you got a good weekend and good paintings!

Phyllis said...

Thanks, Rodrica, for your comments. This week I'm planning to take a couple of hours off from work to paint! Not that I'm totally caught up with my'll still be there when I get back!!!