Friday, September 01, 2006

Glenburn Art Show

Hi All,
This is just a reminder that the Glenburn Art Show is happening during the month of October. I've sent out press releases so I am committed at this point. I hope some of you will participate! I have sent out emails with copies of the entry forms. Hopefully, you have all received them. Here is the painting I am using for the press release and probably the post card. It isn't plein air but then the show is either studio or plein air. This is a 9 x 12 watercolor that I did at the Finger Lakes from the roses on my property. My daughter also did the same still life in acrylic and it looks totally different. I will post her painting later if she gives me permission. She is thinking about being a studio art major in college. I have mixed emotions about her choice as I know how difficult it is to make a living at it! Any input from the pros??
Thanks, Joanne


Rodrica said...

Great choice for the press release. Your Roses are very compelling! I'll be bringing some pieces to the show.

Now, about your daughter; I always try to encourage kids to follow their heart. I know plenty of former studio art majors who are making a decent living and plenty who are not. In my opinion, it is often a choice an artist makes. Sure, making a living is difficult in many careers. And having a fall back position is desirable. There are many teachers doing gallery quality work because they have a strong drive to do so and somehow find the time and energy to do both. I think the financial success of an artist depends on many things, possibly the least of which is talent. Ambition, confidence, determination, single-mindedness, creativity and desire for some financial stability are the ones that pop into my head. I'd prefer to see a kid go off to college all fired up and excited about something than not. You asked.

Rodrica said...

Afterthought: If your daughter decides to forego studio art for a more lucrative career, at least we'll have one more collector out there! Win/win.

Joanne said...

Hi Rodrica, I didn't realize there were comments on this because I don't check the blog very often. I'm glad you participated in the Glenburn Show. Your work always adds so much to the show.

About my daughter - having a hard time getting her to fill out applications let lone decide on area of study. The dilemma is that she is really smart - 1480 on her math/verbal SATs combined and can do just about anything. She is most interested in art and music as those are the things she enjoys.

I don't have a problem with fine art but don't see what kind of job she will get when she graduates unless she goes on to grad school and teaching at the college level. I agree with you about the success of an artist --- many very talented people do not get any recognition/job opportunities because they do not have the drive or ambition to market themselves. My daugter is very humble and very not into promoting herself so I'm seeing lots of talent and no ambition/confidence. Similar to her mother at that age and probably still today (not so sure about the talent - LOL) At any rate she hasn't decided between art and music which adds even more confusion to the mix. We are applying to schools with programs in both but only Syracuse has a really competitive program in either. U of Delaware seems pretty competitive as does Messiah but Suny Binghampton and Lehigh are pretty liberal artsy and perhaps they are better suited to what she wants. Not a top school in either discipline but very good liberal arts colleges. It is soooo difficult to decide. She is also interested in U of Maryland, American and Carnegie Mellon but we haven't visited any of them. Carnegie Mellon is very pricey so she would have to get big merit money as with Lehigh. Oh well ... rambling on here....I'm trying to direct her so she can get a job and pursue fine art on her own. Which would be design.(that is what she wanted initially but changed her mind after a visit to Paper Magic. Soooo confusing..... Thanks for listening!