Sunday, July 23, 2006

Blue Sky with Clouds

Finally! A beautiful day! Temperature was nice, humidity was lower, breezy, and sunny. And a blue sky full of those big, puffy summer clouds--love days like that!!!

Thought I would paint at the Glenburn Pond which is soon to become a natural wetlands due to the condition of the dam. The draw down has been started but with the rain the pond is still full. Joanne and I walked down the trail and painted there once so I thought I would take Cody and go back to that spot. When we got there, there were lots of new "no tresspassing" signs. Had I been alone, I could have set up on the safe side of the guardrail and painted but since I had the dog with me, I had to be concerned for his comfort as well.

So..........we drove up to the park where we painted a couple of weeks ago and attempted to capture those clouds. Hope some of the rest of you got out too. This is oil, 8 x 10".


Rodrica said...

I think you DID capture the clouds. I like the colors you used for them. I think your land is full of interesting shapes and angles. Very nice. Fresh!

Phyllis said...

Thanks. I'm pretty happy with this one. The parts that are supposed to stand up, stand up. The parts that are supposed to lay down, lay down. The parts that are supposed to sit back, sit back. And the parts that are supposed to come forward, come forward. Wish all that would happen more often. Glad you enjoyed the viewing.