Monday, July 03, 2006

Before the Storm

Managed to get out yesterday (July 2) afternoon before the storm and paint at one of our local parks. I was captivated by the shadows under these trees so turned my back to the little lake that is there--even though it is quite beautiful.

Had a rather funny experience. A man came over and started to talk--the usual, "I'm an artist too". After a few minutes he excused himself to go home and bring back a piece of his work. He sculpts in black walnut wood and brought back a piece representing the state of Oregon to show me. It was lovely--about 4 or 5 feet across. He said he wanted me to know that he "wasn't a". He has sculpted pieces representing each state and he takes them to schools, libraries, etc. and does a presentation for kids and a different one for immigrants applying for citizenship. Also working on a series of dinosaurs.

I had asked him his name before he went home and he told me it wasn't important that I know. After he came back, he asked me my name and I told him and again requested to know his. He again refused to tell me--said that "if you're at the library around Thanksgiving time, you'll know." And he left without ever telling me!


Rodrica said...

Lovely assortment of "greens" have not succumbed to the inevitable verdant Pennsylvania "wall of green" here. Very juicy and fresh.

Tee hee, the world is just full of whacko artists, isn't it?

So, this is sort of a two-person conversation here? That's nice, I never get to talk to you, Phyllis.

Phyllis said...

Yes, it is nice to talk with you--I'm hoping to get to paint with you too. Had time today to come up to your paintout but the weather was threatning and I don't have any panels to paint on. Sometimes I just can't seem to get things together! So I worked in studio to start getting my Everhart entries ready.

I'm hoping for more members to join in--I know Joanne plans to participate and Jude is signed up. Hey, the PA outdoors is big--always room for a few more painters!

Rodrica said... for more. Maybe we need tee shirts...with a nice painting and our blog address? Just a thought.

I'm headed out to the garden to paint for sure today. Supposed to be dry up here. We'll see about that!

Phyllis said...

Sounds like a good idea! Do you know where we could get them made?

Frank A. said...

Congratulations to you, Phyllis, for getting this Blog up and running. Also, all the best to the members of the Pennsylvania En Plein Air Society, who will be activley taking part by communicating and sharing their work with each other and dare I say,the world. I wish you only success.
I look forward to viewing the work of the Society members on this Blog.

Take care, Frank (Edwards).

Phyllis said...

Hey Frank, Thanks. Now if we could just convince you to move to PA and join us. I could use some lessons--smile.