Tuesday, June 17, 2008

PEPS North Paints Little Elk Lake

Chris Lathrop making a watercolor of her cabin near Dimock on Thursday. It was a lovely day of painting. Where were you all? Note the "Plein air Painter's dream" in upper right. Even the outhouse is picturesque.

Many were invited, few came. PEPS North is an informal email group of northerly members who do not wish to travel too far to paint...most locations are in Susquehanna County...anyone can organize an outing for anytime and notify the others. If you are not on the "PEPS North" list and wish to be, let me know. rtilley@rodricatilley.com

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Phyllis said...

Love the "dream". At least you got out and had one other person join in! Are you going to show us your painting?