Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Artists' Open House Weekend

This coming weekend almost 30 artists will be opening their studios and showing work. Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 10-6.

On Monday I will be pastel painting in the garden. The demo begins at 2pm. And I will be exhibiting some recent plein air pieces along with my studio work. I only hope the day is as good as yesterday when I did this small pastel, October Garden.

Edit--just to add this to your post. Phyllis


Rodrica said...

I meant to include the url www.artiststour.com

Phyllis said...

Wow--looks like you still have lots going on in your garden! The painting looks great and I hope your studio show is very successful.

Not sure about this, but you may be able to edit your original post to include the url. That way it would be on the first page instead of in the comments--just in case anyone else stops in to see what's going on.

Joanne said...

Hi Rodrica, Enjoyed our time together on Monday and the demo was super! I love your painting and feel inspired. I added comments under your previous comments on my Roses. I don't check the blog much so didn't know you had commented. Talk to you soon. Joanne